Gazprom gives presentation on natural gas as a transportation fuel

Gazprom Export’s NGV advisor Eugene Pronin was in Prague this month to participate in the Czech Gas Association’s sixth conference on “Prospects for the Development and Use of CNG/LNG in Transport.” Speaking on a panel alongside Czech, German, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish and Bulgarian industry leaders, Pronin discussed Gazprom’s participation in building the market and infrastructure to support natural gas as a transportation fuel in Europe.

Demand for natural gas as a transportation fuel on the rise 

In his presentation, below, Pronin shared his forecast for demand for natural gas as a transportation fuel, showing CNG and LNG for use in transport in Europe increasing from 3,3 bcm in 2012 to 43,0 bcm in 2030. Gazprom subsidiaries Gazprom Germania and Vemex in Czech Republic already operate a number of CNG/LNG filling stations and recently announced plans to more than double that network by 2015.

Gazprom stressing the benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel

Moreover, Gazprom is working actively with European gas companies E.ON and OMV, auto manufacturers Volvo and Mercedes and specialized industrial vehicle manufacturers Iveco, Kamaz and Solbus to expand the market and supporting infrastructure for a technology that is already bringing economic and environmental benefits to Europe. Gazprom and our industry partners are pleased to be working with the European Union, United Nations and International Gas Union, along with other political organizations, to expand access to natural gas as a transportation fuel – and its benefits – to a broader market.


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