Natural Gas Industry

Thanks to their clear environmental and economic benefits, natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are gaining popularity around the world. But for NGVs to become more widespread, the natural gas industry must keep up with the demand from consumers and businesses for advanced natural gas infrastructure. While the infrastructure fueling the NGV industry has seen solid growth in recent years as NGVs have become more common, there is still plenty of room for the industry and infrastructure to grow.

As governments and organizations around the world realize the potential environmental and economic impacts of NGVs, they are starting to promote and incentivize the growth of the natural gas industry’s move into the transport sector.


Natural gas industry has a key role in Europe’s environmental goals

As the European Union (EU) has set admirable climate goals, countries are looking for ways to drastically limit their carbon emissions and increase the use of alternative energy sources. Increasingly, natural gas has emerged as a viable solution.

To help make this solution a reality, the European Commission (EC) introduced the “Clean Power for Transport Package,” an initiative focused on establishing common standards for the EU’s alternative energy infrastructure. Among the standards proposed is an increase in natural gas filling stations.

By increasing the number of natural gas filling stations available to consumers, the natural gas industry will allow drivers across Europe to more easily take advantage of the benefits of natural gas as transportation fuel. For this to happen, the EC has proposed:

  • Implementing a vast expansion in the number of natural gas filling stations, from the 38 stations currently operating in Europe to a network of stations, each separated by no more than 400 kilometers
  • Requiring liquefied natural gas stations to be in all 139 maritime and inland ports by 2020 to help ships meet emissions targets
  • Creating common standards for compressed natural gas filling stations every 150 kilometers by 2020


Natural gas industry transitions into transportation

While natural gas is most commonly used for power generation, it is increasingly being used as transportation fuel, too, as its advantages become more apparent:

  • Natural gas is more affordable than diesel or petrol
  • Natural gas emits fewer greenhouse gases than diesel or petrol

On the heels of a decade that saw natural gas consumption increase globally, the International Energy Agency predicts that the next decade could see an even bigger growth in natural gas demand.

Europe sees spread in natural gas infrastructure

An increase in NGVs has already been noted. For instance, in Germany, where there are only 100,000 registered NGVs, there were 4,300 registered in the first six months of 2013, which is more than in any comparable time period.

An increase in natural gas filling stations to fuel these NGVs means that more consumers, fleet managers and municipalities will be able to reap the benefits of natural gas as transportation fuel.

As natural gas infrastructure continues to develop, drivers will have the opportunity to limit their carbon footprint and save money by utilizing NGVs. This section of Blue Corridor will examine the many ways in which the natural gas industry is aiding this growth in the world’s natural gas fueling infrastructure and, therefore, the growth of the NGV market as a whole.

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