Tubiana: Alternative energy vehicles will dominate Europe

Laurence Tubiana certainly looks forward when discussing the future of transportation in Europe.

The former senior adviser to French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and founder of the French Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) forecast that by 2100, Europe will have its own and unlimited volumes of energy and will mainly drive alternative energy vehicles, like natural gas and electric cars.

In an interview with French Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche last month, Tubiana predicted that Europe will see a continuing transition to environmentally-friendly energy sources, while innovation and intelligent technologies will help us consume energy more efficiently. These factors should boost the use of alternative energy vehicles by 2100, notably to reduce pollution and emissions.

Image courtesy of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We couldn’t agree more. Natural gas is already used in Europe as a fuel for its environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient energy properties, and it has a strong future. Increasing its use in transport is a guarantee to decrease GHG emissions, while improving air quality and enhancing quality of life in European cities.

European climate goals

Reducing GHG emissions is a top priority for the European Union. The EU 2020 climate change and energy strategy reflects the EU’s ambitions to build a green energy market soon, in which at least 20% of Europe’s energy will come from renewable sources.

Tubiana sees the future of energy in wind, solar and biomass. She is very hopeful, arguing renewable energy will become more profitable by 2030, when the main drawbacks such as storage capacity and high prices are solved thanks to innovation. This prediction may come true.

Advantages of natural gas

Meanwhile the competitiveness of green energy compared to natural gas is still up for discussion. European citizens are worried about rising energy prices, in which renewable energy sources take a share. Natural gas is a competitive energy source, driving cost-efficient emission reduction. Natural gas resources are also available in huge amounts. Consequently, the use of gas as an alternative to other fossil fuels or to intermittent renewable energy sources will increase.

This is also what the Blue Corridor Rally believes and why its supporters are contributing to the EU’s 2020 clean fuel strategy. Natural gas has a role to play in the mission to live in a cleaner and greener planet beyond 2100.


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