Natural Gas Cars

Natural gas cars are an important part of the push toward cleaner transportation infrastructure, and have enjoyed an increase in popularity as motorists look for cost savings and environmental benefits of alternative motor fuels.

Growing Interest in Natural Gas Cars

For a long time, the idea of natural gas cars seemed impractical, because the necessary refueling infrastructure simply didn’t exist yet. Now, though, there are a growing number of filling stations popping up around the world, and some manufacturers even offer home refueling kits that tap into a homeowner’s existing natural-gas line. Refueling used to take significantly longer than petrol or diesel filling, but the latest technology has also eliminated this problem.

Natural gas cars are powered by an internal combustion engine, just like petrol or diesel powered cars. In the past, natural gas cars have featured bulky fuel tanks, but automakers have unveiled unique new fuel-storage solutions that help reduce their size.

Of course, one of the primary concerns for motorists choosing their next vehicle is safety, which is also increasing interest in natural gas cars. Not only do natural gas cars feature reinforced composite fuel tanks tested to withstand a serious collision, but natural gas is also inherently less flammable than other transportation fuel. For example, if there is a leak in a petrol tank, the flammable liquid would pool beneath the vehicle, creating a serious safety concern. In the unlikely event of a natural-gas leak, however, the fuel would be more safely dispersed upward and away from the vehicle and its occupants.

Another common concern among many motorists leading them to natural gas is fuel cost, particularly as costs for petroleum-based transportation fuels continue to rise. Compared to its petrol equivalent, natural gas is more economical, sometimes less than half the price of its petrol equivalent, and has an added bonus: In many places in the United States, drivers of natural gas cars are eligible for single occupancy use of the high-occupancy vehicle lane.


Natural Gas Cars Maintain High-Performance Standards While Still Being Eco-Friendly

While the engine of natural gas cars functions similarly to that of diesel or petrol vehicles, natural gas burns significantly more cleanly and results in fewer emissions. When most car enthusiasts hear the term “eco-friendly” though, high-engine performance does not always come to mind.

However, natural gas fuel is unique in that it performs comparably to petrol or diesel. In fact, some of Europe’s top racers are proving the performance capabilities of natural gas-powered cars in the Scirocco R-Cup racing series, which features cars exclusively fueled by natural gas from Gazprom.

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