Successful start to the gas-powered Scirocco Cup in Hockenheim

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GAZPROM took a double win at the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup opener in Hockenheim: Motorsport legend Nicola Larini confidently sped to victory in his blue racing car emblazoned with the GAZPROM logo. But GAZPROM’s second triumph came with the 22 drivers and thousands of fans who were thrilled by the natural gas-powered cars with up to 285 horsepower. As of this year, GAZPROM is the exclusive motor fuel supplier for this environmentally-friendly sporting spectacle.


“They’re great cars, and it was an action-packed race for the spectators!” said winner Larini. The former Ferrari Formula 1 driver and 1993 DTM champion came in ahead of Kasper H. Jensen and Michelle Gatting, both of Denmark.

Following the successful start in Hockenheim, this year’s season will continue with eight more races on five different race tracks. Each DTM event will be attended by an average crowd of 70,000 as the sports coupés fuelled by Russian natural gas take to the track.

The former Formula 1 driver Christian Danner, now a TV commentator, was very enthusiastic about the race series’ forward-thinking concept of using natural gas as a motor fuel. “The Scirocco R-Cup is the best argument to prove that motor sport and environmentally-friendly engines aren’t mutually exclusive.”

For GAZPROM, the CNG market shows considerable potential for the future. The company’s main goal is to make the sale of Russian natural gas more cost-efficient in foreign countries, particularly in Europe. GAZPROM hopes that its involvement in motorsports will demonstrate the benefits of using natural gas as a motor fuel. For example, the CO2 emissions of natural gas-powered vehicles are around 25% lower than those of diesel or petrol-fuelled engines. Drivers can fill up with natural gas at over 900 filling stations throughout Germany. GAZPROM Germania is currently investing in expanding the network of natural gas filling stations in Germany and its neighboring countries to improve the availability of this fuel.

The Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup shows that natural gas is more than just an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective fuel – it can also make for a spectacular ride.



The Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup is the world’s only single-make race in which all vehicles are powered by natural gas, making it a thoroughly environmentally-friendly sporting spectacle. The 25-strong starting grid features a mixture of up-and-coming talent and motorsports legends. In 2013, nine races will be held as part of the DTM series. For more information, visit:

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