Announcing the 2013 Blue Corridor NGV Rally

Since Blue Corridor began, the use of natural gas in transportation has almost doubled. When the first Blue Corridor Natural Gas Vehicle Rally was held in 2008, there were 9.5 million natural gas vehicles (NGVs) around the world. Today there are over 17 million, of which roughly 12% (1.5 million) are operating in Europe.

Today, Blue Corridor continues to promote the environmental and economic benefits of NGVs, which is why we’re hitting the road again with the seventh Blue Corridor Rally.

From 3-19 October, Blue Corridor organizers Gazprom and E.ON, along with other companies will be driving NGVs from St. Petersburg, Russia around the Baltic Sea with stops along the way in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The Rally will cross more than 3,900 kilometers by land and sea (with a liquefied natural gas ferry!), and host roundtable discussions with industry representatives, policymakers, environmentalists and auto enthusiasts.

The seventh Blue Corridor Rally builds on the success of the 2012 Rally, which crossed 6,000 kilometers and held roundtables in 11 major European cities, including a keynote with European Union officials in Brussels. Passenger cars, trucks and buses running on natural gas from major European manufacturers were on display at stops along the rally route. The tour started in Moscow and stops included Prague, Paris, Brussels, Minsk, Berlin and Warsaw. The Rally emphasized that the huge traffic flows between western and eastern Europe can have low emissions only if “Blue Corridors” are established across Europe that have sufficient infrastructure enabling NGVs to be used over the entire distance. A special priority was the creation of an LNG corridor for heavy-duty vehicles.

We hope you can join us for this year’s tour. Check back often for more information on the tour and the exciting benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel. The countdown to the 2013 Blue Corridor Rally has begun!

2011 NGV Rally Road

We’re hitting the road in 48 days for the 2013 Rally!