Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2016

Rostock stop – the highlight of the Blue Corridor Rally 2016


The Blue Corridor caravan arrived in Rostock today. The German port city welcomed the main event of the Rally this year – the Energy Dialogue “Alternative fuels: Using the potential of natural gas!”

Hosted by Gazprom Germania, with support from the Maritime LNG Platform and the International Gas Union, the event gathered around 120 participants from the gas, auto and port industries to discuss the potential of natural gas in different types of transport from cars to trucks to ships.

Gazprom Export’s Eugene Pronin, the coordinator of the Blue Corridor Rally, painted an optimistic picture of the future of the NGV and bunkering markets, pointing to the steadily growing numbers of road vehicles and vessels running on natural gas. Asked how he assesses the prospects of the NGV market developing by 2030 Mr. Pronin replied “I would be happy if we had 20% of the vehicles in Europe running on natural gas by then”.

David Graebe, Head of Natural Gas for Transport at Gazprom Germania, discussed the regional dimension, saying that natural gas plays an increasingly important role in Rostock’s home region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. This is not only due to the landing point of the Nord Steam pipeline, but also to the great potential for using LNG in the tourism sector there, i.e. for cruise ships.

Concurring with several other speakers, Michael Kraack, Head of Marine Service GmbH, confirmed that the outlook for development of LNG in shipping is positive, stressing that the financial conditions of this market are improving with the rebounding oil price. In addition, A. Scharner, managing director of the port of Rostock on LNG in the shipping sector agreed that “LNG has the most positive eco-balance and safety record of any of the fuels used for shipping […] We’re convinced that alternative fuels such as natural gas can both make Rostock Port significantly more attractive and reduce the emissions produced by shipping beyond what the law requires.”

On top of the lively discussions, participants had a chance to witness a demonstration of LNG fuelling of Scania and IVECO trucks and rounded off the event with a tour of the Rostock port on board the ship “Mecklenburg”.

Tomorrow the Rally will head to the next stop on its route – Copenhagen.

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