Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2016

Denmark shows great interest towards NGVs. Copenhagen hosts the Blue Corridor-2016 NGV Rally


Crews of the 10th jubilee NGV Rally “Blue Corridor-2016” finished the German stage of the Rally and drove into Denmark. In the capital of this Scandinavian country, a round-table discussion took place, gathering participants of the Rally from Gazprom Export and Uniper, with representatives of local gas and transportation companies, government entities, environmental organizations, automakers and technology developers.

Copenhagen is playing host for the 2nd time to participants of the Blue Corridor NGV Rally. The host of the round-table was one of the largest gas supply and distribution companies in Denmark – HMN Naturgas. The event sparked a great interest gathering more than 90 participants from 5 countries representing 55 companies and organizations.

Director General of HMN Naturgas Susanne Juhl underlined the fact that for her company natural gas use for transportation addresses the problem of squeezing gas out of Denmark’s energy generation sector where it is substituted with renewables. To continue this topic commercial director of Torben Brabo suggested that in the long-run by 2040-2050 the transportation sector will become the major gas consumer in Denmark. Currently the level of gas use by road transportation and marine vessels is relatively low, but the industry is developing steadily.

Representatives of leading automakers including Mercedes, Scania and Iveco presented their model range of vehicles working on CNG and LNG and gave some insight on technical and economic aspects of operation of NGVs. In particular they showed calculations witnessing the persisting economic attractiveness of gas use as a fuel even in a period of low oil prices. Moreover they busted a myth that methane may leak from a gas cylinder when a car stands parked. Modern technologies allow ensuring zero level of methane leakages even during a long-time parking (from 14 to 30 days). During the break the round-table participants looked at the NGV exhibition where in addition to passenger cars a city bus, a tow-truck, a reanimobile, a garbage truck and a commercial van were showcased.

A responsible attitude towards the environment is the pillar of Denmark’s energy policy. The country is among the leaders in use of renewables in the energy mix. One of the main topics discussed during the conference was gas the synergy of natural gas and biogas. Director of the Danish Ecological Council Christian Ege stressed: “Natural gas might be a step on the road to biogas”. The expansion of natural gas and biogas use in transportation shall become an important argument to adopt legislative amendments lowering the currently high tax for NGVs in Denmark.

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