Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2016

“Blue Corridor-2016: Amber Road” arrives in Tallinn

Several hours after the start ceremony in the Tauride Palace in STallinn round tablet. Petersburg, the Blue Corridor-2016 NGV Rally reached Estonia where a round table discussion gathering experts from various fields of business and science was held in Tallinn.

Ants Noot, chairman of the management committee of AS Eesti Gaas, moderated the discussion, in which took part Ain Hanschmidt, the chairman of the board of Eesti Gaas and director general of AS Infortar (major shareholder of AS Eesti Gaas), as well as representatives of Gazprom Export, Uniper, Eesti Gaas, Tallink, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, and the Tallinn University of Technology.

All officials and experts presented their views on the development of the NGV and marine LNG sectors in Estonia and the Baltic region.

The key priorities of Estonian national energy policy are environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and commercial affordability. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, 25% of all energy consumed is derived from the transportation sector. In 2014, Estonia consumed 700,000 tons of fuel for road transport; another 10,000 tons were consumed by marine vessels.

Today, Tallinn is actively working on the construction of a new high-speed LNG passenger ferry, which will convey passenger on the Tallinn-Helsinki line. The European Union will provide a financial contribution to the project. The vessel will be commissioned in 2017.

After the round table, the rally crew drove further, crossing Latvia and Lithuania and finally reaching Poland, where Gazprom Germania fuels 11 buses with LNG in Olsztyn. There, the Rally crew participated in a technical tour to observe the system of the LNG filling station and a fueling process. The bus is fueled with LNG during a couple of minutes, much faster than in case of diesel.
Next, the Rally will stop in Gdansk, where a round-table will be held on May 31.

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