Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2016

Amber Road greets Gdansk

2016-06-09 16.28.02

On May 31 2016, the international natural gas-fuelled vehicles (NGV) rally, “Blue Corridor”, arrived in the port city of Gdansk, Poland. The 10th anniversary edition of the Blue Corridor Rally, known as “Amber Road”, focusses on natural gas in vehicles (NGVs) through a new lens: promoting LNG as a marine bunker fuel.

While the use of LNG in the maritime sector is not a new technology, its applicability across various markets is rapidly develoing. It was from this angle that the roundtable in Gdansk discussed “Using alternative fuels in road and marine transport – LNG bunkering prospects at Baltic Sea ports.”

Mr Eugene Pronin (Gazprom Export’s Rally coordinator) set the scene looking at developments in maritime LNG and the future potential, while Dr. Magdalena Konopacka (University of Gdansk, Faculty of Law & Administration) commented on the legislative guidance from the European Union on the use of alternative fuels, as well as highlighting the progress made in Poland. Colleagues from Uniper, NGV Italy and Gazprom Marketing & Trading France also took to the floor.

“Poland is at the centre of European transportation corridors – lots of goods are moved via Poland. And of course, using cleaner, cheaper and safer fuels is very important for Poland. We hope that the use of natural gas in vehicles, as well in marine vessels, will continue to expand in this market” said Mr Pronin.

Concluding his remarks, Mr Pronin pointed out that over the past decade, the NGV market has experienced significant growth; from less than a million vehicles to 26 million today.

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