Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2015

The “Blue Corridor-2015” NGV Rally: Eiffel Tour

The ninth international ‘Blue Corridor’ rally of OEM-produced natural gas-fuelled vehicles (NGV) will start its engines on 24 May 2015. It will culminate in early June in Paris at the World Gas Congress. The rally will cover an overall distance of 6890 km to Paris and back in 19 days.

The participants of the "Blue Corridor-2015" will drive along the motorways of Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France. Throughout the rally, representatives of the gas and automotive industries, politicians, ecologists and motor fans will be able to share their views on various aspects of the developing NGV market in Europe.

"Blue Corridor-2015" will start in St. Petersburg, Russia, and then make stops along the way in Moscow, Minsk, Belarus, the Berlin-Potsdam area in Germany, as well as Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels in Belgium before culminating at the World Gas Conference in Paris, France.

The "Blue Corridor" rally was initiated by Gazprom Group in 2008. Since 2010 the rally has become an event of international scale when it was joined by a number of players of the European gas market, including Germany’s E.On Global Commodities.

Blue Corridor NGV Rally: Eiffel Tour 2015 Media Guide

The 9th Blue Corridor Rally Media Guide provides details on the 2015 Blue Corridor Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Rally, which takes place from May 24th – June 3rd.

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