Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014

Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014

The eighth Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014 will be held from October 7th-31st, demonstrating the benefits of the transportation fuel of the future: natural gas.

Blue Corridor sponsors Gazprom and E.ON will be driving natural gas vehicles (NGVs) from St Petersburg, Russia to Moscow, Russia with stops in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Belarus. The rally will demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas in transport as it drives across the Baltic States.

But the Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014 will not just consist of a motorcade of clean, low-cost and safe cars. We’ll also be hosting a number of fascinating roundtable discussions offering a glimpse into the future of transportation. Here on Blue Corridor you can join industry representatives, policymakers, environmentalists and auto enthusiasts along the 6,600 kilometre trek, as they explain how using natural gas in transportation is an affordable, environmentally friendly and safe alternative to petrol. These events will also provide opportunities to take a tour of an NGV facility and get a close-up look at some of the innovative NGVs on display.

Now on its eighth tour, Blue Corridor was developed to encourage the establishment of the infrastructure needed to create a natural gas highway across Europe. This infrastructure – especially the construction of a sufficient number of natural gas filling stations and the transport of the fuel to them – will empower more drivers and fleet owners to purchase NGVs by ensuring that they can drive them anywhere.

Previous Blue Corridor NGV Rallies

Previous rallies have varied in length, as well as in focus from solely Russian cities to myriad European cities and towns:

  • The October 2013 rally extended the route further, taking the NGVs from St. Petersburg, Russia to Narva, Estonia with stops in Vyborg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Turku, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Jonkoping, Sweden; Gothenburg, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Hamburg, Germany; Swinoujscie, Poland; Gdansk, Poland; Kaliningrad, Russia; Klaipeda, Lithuania; Jelgava, Latvia; Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia.
  • The September 2012 rally expanded to include stops in Moscow, Russia; Prague, Czech Republic; Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Minsk, Belarus; Berlin, Germany; and Warsaw, Poland.
  • The November 2011 rally focused on Russia. Stops included: Yekaterinburg, Russia; Chelyabinsk, Russia; Ufa, Russia; Orenburg, Russia; Samara, Russia; Saratov, Russia; Volgograd, Russia; Voronezh, Russia; Tambov, Russia; Tula, Russia; and Moscow, Russia.
  • The June 2011 rally had a broader European concentration. Participants stopped in Prague, Czech Republic; Leipzig, Germany; Wolfsburg, Germany; Berlin, Germany; and Greifswald, Germany.
  • The rally that took place in September 2010 solely toured in Russia: Moscow, Russia; Ryazan, Russia; Penza, Russia; Ulyanovsk, Russia; Togliatti, Russia; Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia; Kazan, Russia; and Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.
  • In April 2009, the second rally stopped in the following cities: Rostov-on-Don, Russia; Krasnodar, Russia; Novorossiysk, Russia; and Sochi, Russia.
  • The first rally was held in September 2008. Stops on the inaugural rally included: St. Petersburg, Russia; Veliky Novgorod, Russia; Tver, Russia; and Moscow, Russia.

Keep in touch with the Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014

Just because you aren’t along for the ride in person doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Read on for further details about the Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014, including information on and photos of the individual stops, as well as videos and presentations. All of these materials further illustrate how NGVs are changing the future of transportation for the better, and the benefits of natural gas.

For regular updates from the road, you can also head to Blue Corridor’s other social media channels:

Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014 Media Guide

The 8th Blue Corridor Rally Media Guide provides details on the 2014 Blue Corridor Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Rally, which takes place from October 7th-31st.