Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark will host the 2013 Blue Corridor Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Rally on 9 October. HMN Naturgas I/S will organize a roundtable discussion on the benefits of natural gas and the NGV market in Copenhagen and Denmark.

NGVs in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital, largest city and cultural hub. The city is a leading financial and transportation center for Northern Europe and has a rich, vibrant history. Copenhagen is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world and aims to be the first world capital to be carbon-neutral by 2025. A major part of this goal is reducing transportation emissions.

According to city officials, by 2025:

  • 75% of transportation should be made by foot, bike, or public transit 
  • 20% - 30% percent of cars will run on electricity or biofuel
  • 20% - 30%of all cars and small trucks and 30 to 40 percent of all heavy vehicles will run on electricity, hydrogen, biogas, or bioethanol

The city also wants to convert its bus and small vehicle fleet to alternative fuels. City officials say that by 2015, 85% of the city's fleet of 1,000 small vehicles will run on electricity, hydrogen, or biofuels, including biogas.

Increasing the use of biogas and natural gas as a transportation fuel can help Copenhagen and Denmark reach their energy efficiency goals by reducing emissions in an affordable way.


NGVs in Denmark

Denmark already has a well-established gas network, which is a major advantage for the establishment of natural gas filling stations. According to the Danish Gas Association, natural gas accounts for one fourth of Denmark’s energy consumption today. A national pipeline network connects Copenhagen as well as most of the country to gas supplies. The country’s reserves will also last about 20 years at current levels of consumption, but additional reserves are expected to last even longer.

According to the International Gas Union and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, up until very recently, Denmark did not have any NGVs or natural gas filling stations. Now, the Danish market is in its early development stage and is expanding the number of NGVs and refilling stations in the country.

Recent government initiatives indicate that alternative fuels in transport might be getting a boost. In April 2012, the Danish government adopted an Energy Agreement that increases the use of biogas in the transport sector by offering new funding instruments and subsidies and promoting energy efficiency. The agreement also promotes natural gas in the heavy transport sector.

Promoting favorable conditions for NGVs and natural gas filling stations will help bring clean, affordable natural gas for transportation to Denmark, and connect it to the rest of Europe’s gas transportation corridor.

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