Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2012

The Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2012 was the sixth rally held to raise awareness of the environmental, economic and social advantages of natural gas as a transportation fuel. With support from Gazprom and E.ON Ruhrgas, participants in the Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2012 drove across Europe from 8-24 September to demonstrate all the benefits of natural gas in transport.

The Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2012 tour kicked off in Moscow. Following the opening ceremonies, natural gas-powered vehicles driven by representatives from the companies supporting Blue Corridor made stops in the cities of Orsha, Belarus; Minsk, Belarus; Warsaw, Poland; Prague, Czech Republic; Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Essen, Germany and Berlin, Germany before returning back to Moscow.

Through vehicle exhibits and roundtable discussions in 11 major European cities, the Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2012 demonstrated how natural gas is changing the transportation industry, saving consumers money and helping the environment. The event brought together representatives of the energy industry, auto manufacturers, nonprofit groups, policymakers, members of the media and other influencers for an informative series that helped spur increased NGV use in the following year.

Key Facts About the Blue Corridor NGV Rally

  • The tour traveled 6,700 kilometers from Russia to Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium and back again.
  • The tour made 30 fueling stops, making use of a growing network of fueling stations that at the time numbered approximately 4,000 throughout Europe.
  • 15 vehicles and drivers made the journey and participated in Blue Corridor exhibitions and roundtables along the way.
  • Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2012 participants visited 12 cities in 7 countries
  • 700  energy and auto industry representatives, policymakers and members the general public came together to build consensus on developing the market for NGVs.
  • The NGVs consumed 4,500 cubic liters (GGE) of natural gas cumulatively over the course of the journey.
  • The NGVs saved 450 liters of petrol per vehicle during the 6,700-kilometer trip.
  • Up to 25% of carbon dioxide was saved by each NGV on average compared to petrol.
  • The vehicles emitted up to one-third fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to their diesel- or petroleum-fuelled counterparts.


Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2012 Revealed Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel Facts

As an affordable, abundant, safe and clean fuel, natural gas is increasingly becoming Europe’s vehicular fuel of choice.

  • Currently, there are close to 18 million NGVs in the world – with 1.5 million of them in Europe alone – and experts predict that NGV production will more than triple by 2020.
  • NGV owners pay less at the pump since natural gas costs about 30% less than diesel and about 50% less than petrol.
  • NGVs also tend to have lower maintenance costs because natural gas burns cleanly, causing less engine deterioration than petroleum-based fuels.
  • On average, natural gas-powered vehicles produce about 20% fewer emissions than petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles.


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