Blue Corridor Events

What is the Blue Corridor NGV Rally?

Sponsored by Gazprom and E.ON and supported by a number of other natural gas companies, vehicle manufacturers and natural gas vehicle (NGV) associations, the Blue Corridor NGV Rally drives NGVs across Europe to showcase the benefits of natural gas as a vehicle fuel and encourage the construction of “blue corridors” with the natural gas fueling infrastructure necessary for the NGV market to grow.

Through events held along the route, Blue Corridor shines the spotlight on Europe’s move toward cleaner, safer and more affordable mobility. During roundtable discussions at Blue Corridor NGV Rally stops, industry representatives, policymakers, environmentalists and auto enthusiasts focus on the advantages of natural gas in transport and recommendations for the future.

History of the Blue Corridor NGV Rally

Since the early stages of NGV technology, many initiatives have focused on building natural gas filling stations along several major transport roads linking the European Union and its close Eastern neighbors, which came to be known as “blue corridors.”

A study on this subject was first presented by the United Nations in 2003. Following that, Gazprom and the Russian National Gas Vehicle Association organized the first Blue Corridor NGV Rally in Russia in 2008. The Blue Corridor NGV Rally’s specific objective was to examine the feasibility and demonstrate the necessity of establishing transport corridors for road vehicles powered by compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas instead of diesel or petrol because of the economic and environmental advantages.

Its success led E.ON to join this event in 2010 and support its expansion to Europe.

Since 2008, Blue Corridor has hosted six rallies traveling through Russia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Belarus, France, Germany and Poland. A seventh tour in 2013 will bring the rally to new countries, including Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Progress since the first Blue Corridor NGV Rally

Since Blue Corridor’s inception, the use of natural gas in transportation has grown. When the first rally was held in 2008, there were 9.5 million NGVs around the world. Thanks to the convenience, low price and fewer emissions of natural gas, this number has almost doubled to close to 18 million in 2013, roughly 12% (1.5 million) of which are in Europe.

Experts believe that 50 million NGVs will be consuming 200 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually by 2020, as markets continue to open and private and public investments grow. Still, the demand to further expand the market is growing.

Learn more about the Blue Corridor NGV Rally

The pages below provide blog posts, presentations, videos, photos and reports from the 2012 and 2013 Blue Corridor NGV Rallies.

Stay tuned in the coming months as Blue Corridor hits the road and travels around the Baltic Sea to demonstrate the benefits of natural gas in transportation once again.

The 2013 Blue Corridor NGV Rally kicks off on 3 October, with stops in St. Petersburg, Russia; Vyborg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Turku, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Jonkoping, Sweden; Gothenburg, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Hamburg, Germany; Swinoujscie, Poland; Gdansk, Poland; Kaliningrad, Russia; Klaipeda, Lithuania; Jelgava, Latvia; Riga, Latvia; Tallinn, Estonia and Narva, Estonia.