Energy executives: environmental benefits of natural gas are clear

Blue Corridor’s supporters have known for years that natural gas is the transportation fuel of the future. According to The Vancouver Sun, executives from FortisBC and Spectra Energy Transmission West reaffirmed it at a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon in November, noting the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas.

John Walker, president and CEO of FortisBC, told board members, “From an environmental point of view… about 40% of our carbon emissions are really driven by transportation. So there is tremendous opportunity to reduce that. Using natural gas for some of these vehicles would see about a 30% reduction in GHG emissions along with other particulates … and it has tremendous economic benefit in the context of about 40% lower cost than diesel at current prices. These prices will ultimately filter their way back through the economy.”

Environmental benefits of natural gas encourage widespread NGV adoption 

To that end, FortisBC is investing $104 million to spur changes to the transportation sector by working with public and private sector companies to grow NGV use by nearly five times – from 320 NGVs in 2012 to 1,500 NGVs by 2017.

During the meeting with the Vancouver Board of Trade, Doug Bloom, president of Spectra Energy Transmission West, added, “Gas in transportation is also an important opportunity. A company called PIRA, Petroleum Industry Research Associates, a prominent consultant, said that gas demand in large trucks and fleet applications in the United States could reach 14 (billion cubic feet) a day by 2030… That could reduce diesel demand by up to two million barrels per day or more through a mix of LNG and compressed natural gas applications.”

Industry leaders note the environmental benefits of natural gas 

Leaders participating in the Blue Corridor 2012 NGV Rally agree with Walker and Bloom that there are both economic and environmental benefits to natural gas. During one of Blue Corridor’s German roundtables this summer, Stephan Kohler, chairman of the German Energy Agency (DENA), explained, “Those who drive gas can stay relaxed even when petrol and diesel prices hit the records. For the same driving performance, NGVs require only half of the energy costs of that of petrol-driven cars, and one-third less than diesel requires. Also the NGVs offer clear advantages in environment and climate protection, especially where the gas is mixed with renewable sources, like bio-methane.”

As Reiner Hartmann, one of the executives at E.ON Ruhrgas AG, noted at a Moscow stop of the rally: “We are at the turn of a golden era of natural gas as a motor fuel.”

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