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With the support of Russian natural gas company Gazprom and German natural gas company E.ON,  this website will shine the spotlight on the global shift toward cleaner, safer and more affordable mobility through the use of natural gas in transportation.

In some parts of the world, natural gas vehicles (NGVs) have long been a standard mode of transport. However, in 2008 as NGV technologies really took to the roads of Russia and Europe, Gazprom and Russia’s Natural Gas Vehicle Association (NGVRUS) organized the first Blue Corridor NGV Rally in Russia to educate businesses, policymakers, energy experts and consumers about the benefits of using natural gas as a transport fuel. E.ON later lent its support to Blue Corridor in 2010.

Since Blue Corridor’s conception, its objective was to examine the feasibility and demonstrate the necessity of establishing transport corridors for road vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) instead of diesel or petrol because of its economic and environmental advantages.

During the rallies – the seventh of which traveled around the Baltic Sea in 2013 – Blue Corridor supporters drive various types of NGVs around the world to highlight the growing number transport corridors globally and to hold discussions and demonstrations proving the merits of using natural gas to fuel vehicles.

While the Blue Corridor NGV Rallies continue today, Blue Corridor’s mission has expanded over the last several years: Blue Corridor now works to demonstrate the benefits of natural gas in transportation year-round through this website and accompanying social media properties.

Here, Blue Corridor will showcase to readers the benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel through original content; guest posts written by energy, transportation and policy experts; and updates on the Blue Corridor NGV Rallies.

Blue Corridor Background and Purpose

This page provides details on Blue Corridor’s mission; why Blue Corridor believes natural gas is the safest, most efficient and most affordable vehicle fuel; and the history of the Blue Corridor NGV Rallies.

Blue Corridor Supporters

Come here to learn more about the companies that support Blue Corridor, why they believe natural gas is the best transportation fuel and how they are working to bolster natural gas in the transportation sector.

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